If you are developing a new cloud or SaaS service we can help identify and set up the critical processes and structure required to deliver the service.  We believe it is important to design your service delivery capability while developing the service, not as an afterthought, since new service introduction delays can be costly in time, expense, and customer dissatisfaction.  By using our services you can introduce your new service faster, without missteps and have the confidence of positive customer reactions resulting in a profitable service.  We can help you:

  • Develop plans for implementing a new service
  • Develop or change required functional operations
    • Professional services
    • Customer support
    • Account management
    • Technical operations
  • Identify and implement business metrics for your new service
  • Implement appropriate SLAs
  • Develop marketing information about your service delivery
  • Identify contractual changes required
  • Subcontracted services used for your new service
    • Evaluate
    • Negotiate
    • Implement
  • Project management of your new service introduction

Please contact us if you think that we can be of assistance or you would just like to discuss your plans.