“Highly recommended!  Paul is a seasoned executive and consultant with excellent organization and leadership skills.  His help with our project to move targeted operations offshore was invaluable both in the knowledge and experience he has  with business processes and outsourcing, as well as the leadership he brought to this project.”

Dave Brown, SVP, CTO at Picis Software


“Paul led the SaaS Service Delivery group at Unica.  He built the entire group, hiring virtually all the staff, creating a professional team and a scalable organization.  His knowledge of SaaS service delivery including, professional services, operations, customer support and account management and his successful execution of projects and business plans was instrumental in our success.”

Rick Welch, SVP Global Services, Unica


“Paul planned and managed the business aspects of a complex and rapidly growing worldwide network at Genuity. As a general manager he also led several new product and service development initiatives. He was insightful, perceptive, and always provided down-to-earth, common sense solutions that reflected tremendous experience.”

Jim Bullion, President, Phoenix Global Services


“Paul is an outstanding, thoughtful, and dedicated executive and consultant who delivers results.  The value received was well worth our investment.”

Ralph Goldwasser, CFO, Unica Corporation

“As a consultant, Paul was able to very quickly understand our operations and help us put in the controls and metrics we needed to report against the significant SLA requirements we had for a major client.  It was definitely cost-effective to have him do this for us rather than try to do it ourselves.  The system and reporting were a great success with our client!”

Sharon Corazzini, VP Program Management Office, Gryphon Networks


“Paul is a results-oriented professional who understands how complex business and technical issues can impact the financial growth and strategic goals of the company.  Through Paul’s leadership, our product team initiated, developed and launched several services that positioned Genuity as a business leader.”

Peter Mason, Director of Product Management, Genuity


“I was always impressed by Paul’s broad knowledge of technical environments: one that spans applications and operating environments, production and delivery processes.  Paul is an excellent team leader and team player.”

Larry Jones, VP Technical Services, Harte-Hanks