Service Offer Assessment

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Black Duck Software is the leading global provider of strategy, products and services for enabling enterprise scale adoption of open source software (OSS). They believe the future of software development relies on the effective and informed use of open source software. They are dedicated to helping their customers increase their use of OSS, while simultaneously strengthening and collaborating with the greater OSS community.

Founded in 2002, Black Duck has approximately 80 percent market share, a fast-growing customer base including some of the largest companies in the world and approximately 40 percent annualized sales growth for the past three years.

Black Duck Software has a product strategy focusing on continuing their dominance in helping organizations with their OSS adoption, governance, management and compliance. As in the past their strategy will include an appropriate mix of products and services.

Black Duck Software asked The Cirrostratus Group to review the plans for some of their future service offerings. Based on his industry knowledge of profitable and successful Software-as-a-Service offerings, Paul Ressler, the principal of The Cirrostratus Group, reviewed all areas of several service offerings being considered. This review included the technical approach, infrastructure strategy, operational readiness, support, costing and pricing. The results of this assessment provided Black Duck Software with some additional options which provided them with a faster time to market, a more flexible infrastructure and a smaller financial investment.

Black Duck Software is implementing these recommendations into their service plans and has retained The Cirrostratus Group for additional help with implementation.

“Paul’s knowledge of Software as a Service and service offerings were instrumental in his review of some new service offerings that we are considering.  He was able to quickly identify some strategic and operational options to give us a quicker time to market and more infrastructure flexibility, all with a smaller investment. Paul’s services were of great value to us and we plan to continue to use Paul to help us with implementation.”

Bill McQuaide, Executive Vice President of Products and Strategy, Black Duck Software, Inc.

Download This Case Study