2011 Cloud Opener Meetup

One of the things that I am adding to my blog posts are reviews of various events, books and other resources for cloud computing and SaaS.  My intent is to share with you what I’ve learned and help steer you toward things that I feel are worthwhile spending your time on.  I attended the 2011 Cloud Opener which was the first Meetup of the year for the Waltham, MA based Cloud Services Meetup Group.

Despite substantially heavier than usual traffic on RT 128 that evening, the turnout was very good.  The group consisted of CTOs and founders of startup cloud computing companies, product managers at larger cloud computing providers, and independent consultants working with the cloud in various ways.  This was the first time I had attended this particular Meetup and I felt that the group had a nice variety of backgrounds.

Tsahy Shapsa, leader of the Meetup, gave a brief introduction including a description of Cloudyn.  Cloudyn provides a free service for monitoring and measuring your Amazon cloud expenditures.   They also provide recommendations of how to reduce the ongoing costs.  I looked at their offering and it seems like a good tool to manage these expenses which often show up on a variety of credit cards and as your applications become more succesful can become significant.

Liran Zelkha, founder and VP of Sales at Scalebase, presented Scalebase’ database load balancer service and architecture.  He gave a balanced presentation of the business problem the solution solved and a technical description of the solution.  There were a lot of questions and interaction during the presentation.

James Baker of ABCecurity a security consultant and architect for the State of Massachusetts Cloud Computing Project talked about that project.  There was a good overview of the project, a good perspective on some of the challenges of a large private cloud initiative with lots of constituents, and a discussion of the security architecture.  Again there was plenty of discussion and questions during the presentation.

Overall I thought it was an excellent meeting and group for people who are actively involved with cloud computing or want to learn more at an intermediate or higher level.  There was a good balance of technical and business information and plenty of good discussion.  There was ample opportunity for networking both before and after the meeting.  A nice feature was very brief introductions of everyone at the beginning of the presentations.  This probably isn’t the best meetup for learning about technical details of particular solutions or applications or for learning some of the basics of cloud computing.  Check out this meetup group in more detail at Boston Cloud Services Meetup.


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