Take the Survey – Providing an Excellent Customer Experience

The customer’s overall experience using a cloud or SaaS service is an important criteria of whether a customer will continue using a service and has a major impact on customer retention and therefore profitability.  I am taking a  survey of SaaS and Cloud providers to assess how they approach providing an excellent customer experience.  The purpose of the survey is to understand the views of the strategic importance, the organizational implications, and the methods used to achieve an excellent customer experience.  This survey should take about 5 minutes to complete.  I would encourage anyone in a leadership role in a SaaS or Cloud provider who is involved or interested in their customer experience to take the survey.  I will be compiling and analyzing the results and I will send the results to all survey participants who provide an email address.

No company specific information will be disclosed as part of any of the published results of the survey.  Supplying your contact information is entirely voluntary, however to get the results of the survey, you will have to supply your email address.  No contact information will be sold or given away to any third parties and your contact information will only be used by the author in ways you authorize.

If you do not already subscribe to my email newsletter I would encourage you to do so.  It is a great resource for SaaS and Cloud providers.  Subscribe here.


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