Four Keys to Success as a Cloud Services Provider – Dyn Case Study

Dyn, a Manchester, N.H.,-based provider of Domain Name System (DNS) and email services for SMB and enterprise customers, has a customer-retention rate of ninety-five percent and an upsell rate of 24 percent, enviable numbers when the average industry retention rate including upsell is more like 85–90 percent. Here’s how they achieved a high level of customer satisfaction leading to this growth.

Dyn was incorporated in 2001 and for the first few years of their existence were content to provide a high-quality service that is key to making the Internet work, and live with modest growth due to the bootstrapped nature of the company. A couple of years ago the Dyn team decided that they were missing business opportunities and that they could grow the company significantly in a way that was consistent with their culture of providing high-quality, high-value services to their customers.

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Four Keys to Success as a Cloud Services Provider – Dyn Case Study


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