Useful Cloud Websites

In a previous posting I indicated that I would be reviewing various resources which I’ve found helpful.  I have added these resources to my website for your use and  I want to share with you the websites and blogs that I’ve added.

I’ve known Jeff Kaplan for a couple of years and I have found his website very informative.  He has been writing on SaaS for a while so there is a significant amount of material available and also a variety of levels of material.  Whether you are just starting out with SaaS or the Cloud and need basic information, are looking for an assessment of current announcements, or looking for content on a detailed subject chances are good you’ll find something there.  He has a section with white papers and also has a blog.

Associated with Think Strategies is the Cloud Computing Showplace.  This is a resource which lists IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions from a variety of companies.  It is a place where any company which has a solution in this space can enter their company and contact information and it is a very complete list.  The SaaS entries are organized by application area and it is the only easily used registry of SaaS companies that I’m aware of.  It is useful for any type of research into the industry where you are looking for certain types of solutions and companies.

Cloud Sleuth has been developed by Compuware and clearly evolved out of their acquisition of Gomez.  At the core of this website is a real-time measurement and reporting system which gives availability and response time information for the major IaaS services.  The information is available for a variety of time periods and it is a good way to quickly see whether the services are staying within their SLAs.  The free service has quick response time and the information is easy to read and understand.  There are also blog postings and articles on cloud performance related topics.  If you are evaluating different IaaS services this website is very useful.  It is also interesting for those just curious about the topic.  The good news is that the major services are all very reliable.

Joel York with his website Chaotic Flow regular writes on the topics of SaaS metrics and SaaS sales.  I like his analytical approach particularly to sales and the website is a first stop if you’d like to know specifics on SaaS quota, commissions, and other sales related metrics.  He also has several postings on SaaS metrics.  The quality of the information and thought is very high and these are not “light” postings but if you’re diagnosing a SaaS sales issue this is a great resource.

Although there are many blogs and websites which I look at and read, the above are a few which I find I consistently go back to on certain topics.  I’m sure in the future I will be adding to this list.


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